Personal Healing And Wellness For Peace

1. Kabusha Women’s Peace Retreat.

Redefining your beauty

Kabusha Women’s Peace Retreat is a biannual retreat that takes women through a process of rebirth. It offers women a chance to reflect, rewind, release, repent, retire, reacquaint, restore, repair, refresh, rediscover, replenish, reinforce, recharge, refill, revitalize, regenerate, regroup, reconnect, redefine, recreate, renew and re-enter.

Using the different species of the hibiscus flower as a symbol, the retreat is based on a 5R philosophy. The 5Rs are Renew your mind, Refresh your body, Recreate your heart, Restore your soul and Recharge your spirit. These 5Rs will lead to a Redefinition of your beauty and ultimately a rebirth.

The retreat Menu includes:

  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Mindful Stretches
  • Group and Personal Reflection
  • Massage and Reflexology
  • Transformational Breathing.

2. Healing Conversations

A personal transformation journey for every: woman, man and teen.

Healing conversations was originated by Dr. Joy Mbaabu and Anne Njeri Kimanthi to enable people transform their wounds into scars of light and wisdom. This came after the realization that we are wounded as individuals, societies, nations and world. Our modern lifestyles have robbed us of our enjoyment of life and relationships, leaving us with lives spent in pain, sorrow, escapism, materialism, consumerism, greed, fear, ratrace, busy-ness, isolation and desperation. This has adversely affected our personal, social, economic and political lives.

The process therefore helps the participants discover their personal;

  • Inner Peace Inspiration
  • Hope
  • Happiness
  • Freedom

It is based on values of:

  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Spirituality
  • Reflection
  • Wellness
  • Self-Care

It is conducted separately and is tailor-made to best address the needs of Women, Men and Teens.

3. Mindfulness for leaders

Across families, organizations and businesses, we are increasingly witnessing more leaders bow to pressures of life and mindless pursuit of wealth that make them lead unbalanced and risky lives. Stress, burn-out and broken lives and relationships are real dangers that the busy leader has to find a way to prevent. The Mindfulness for leaders course is meant to help you to start or strengthen your mindfulness practice and become a better person and a better leader. It draws on the power of mindfulness to enhance leaders’ attention, awareness, emotional intelligence and self-care

. In this course, you will learn to:-
  • Master your mind to better lead yourself and others
  • Train the mind to focus and gain clarity for better life and results
  • Leverage mindful leadership to thrive in challenging environments.
  • Fully and meaningfully engage with people and activities
  • Move from mindless living to mindful living
  • Move from mindless busyness to mindful business
  • Share the knowledge and skill with others
  • Gain the courage to act according to your values
  • Master your emotional reactions
  • Develop the ability to remain in the eye of the storm
  • Build your personal program plan for becoming a mindful leader
  • Connect with likeminded leaders


  • Kabusha Women's Retreat at PNC truly was a wonderful experience unmatched by any other. It is a retreat that does not impose too many spiritual/technical procedures when letting you find your individuality rather it lets you be you in a green space endorsed by serenity. 
    Kabusha Testimonials - Joan Rwamba
  • At the end we called the Healing Conversations the Circle of Healing. The power of empathetic listening was demonstrated so effectively. Eleven women, sitting in a circle, listening to each other, with deep compassion, wrought understanding and this bore healing. It was bot a pity-party. It was a demonstration of how powerful quiet, empathetic listening has power to heal self and others. Transformations were dramatic. Postures reconfigured. Forgiveness of self, and others, abounded. We came burdened but left unyoked and set free. Enjoy your new freedom, dear sister, and mindfully avoid falling into the trap of the sadness that unresolved bitterness yields.
    Healing Conversations
  • I believe people need inspiration of some sort, my experience at the healing conversation cohort 2 has opened a window to my life and enabled me to see myself in a completely new perspective. I feel more empowered to make the best of who I am and stop acting a victim of circumstance, I have realised that I have all that it takes to take the control of my life back to my hands and let go past pains through this circle I have learnt new tools to enable me do so. I feel loved and have found new sisters with a tender touch.
    Healing Conversations - Christine Khavetsa