Mediation And Conflict Transformation Centre

Moving ahead amicably

Unlike litigation, mediation is built around the philosophy of needs and interests. Its premised on the believe that if people embroiled in a conflict get an opportunity to sit and talk to each other directly, they are likely to build a rapport around their shared humanity. They will reason that that if they come on one side and cooperatively tackle their problem, each will get their needs and interests addressed. They will both go away happy and perhaps with a redefined and strengthened relationship.

Since our inception in 2001 ACA has been offering Mediation training and services as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism (ADR) as enshrined in Article 159 of our Kenyan Constitution. We have since trained many mediators some who have integrated the skill into their careers and others who have become practicing mediators.

We offer;

1. 40 Hour accredited Mediation and Conflict Transformation Course

A 40 hour internationally accredited course that makes you a certified mediator. We provide mentorship to enable you own your skills in helping people resolve interpersonal, family, workplace & group conflict. It’s also a vital life skill to make you a better person for yourself & others.

2. Refresher Courses

This is a one-day refresher course is tailored to provide opportunity to practicing mediators to hone their skills through feedback on their experience. It enables mediators receive additional skills through practical methodologies such as role plays and fish bowls.

3. Training of Trainers course for certified mediators

This is an intense and highly practical course for certified and experienced mediators looking to venture into training mediators.

4. Mediation Services

With our large pool of mediators we offer mediation services for family, work, community and other forms of conflict.


  • In my 15+ years of ministry, ACA's course on Mediation and Conflict Transformation came out ranking #1. Highly relevant material delivered in an excellent, practical, and accurate manner. It leads peace practitioners from the most fundamental building blocks of understanding conflict and through all the essential processes weaves into a clear picture of conflict resolution mechanism in any environment (professional, social, domestic, political and personal) I liked the inclusion of case studies to illustrate the content as well as roles plays. I enjoyed the interactive, fun, lively sessions between the Trainers and the participants. The course was worthwhile, full of useful theoretical and practical advice, delivered by very knowledgeable and engaging trainers.
    Mediation Testimonials - Ps. Jumba Nixon