Woman Reborn Book Launch

Woman Reborn Book Launch

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Description of the Book & Journal

In this Book, Joy Precious shares nuggets of wisdom and experience from her own journey using her own personal experiences and also extensively quoting like-minded authors. Her intention is to invite other women (and men) to take their own spiritual journey of self- awakening, self- discovery and self-actualization. The journey leads one to a more fulfilling, meaningful, abundant and authentic life.

The Guide addresses all facets of the human person (mind, body, spirit, heart & soul) and how each of these can be revitalized to lead to a ‘Rebirth’. According to the book, a ‘Rebirth’ is the arousal of an innate power within that breaks the chains of cultural, societal, educational and religious boundaries. It gets one to a life of pure authenticity, freedom, compassion and understanding centered on a deep belief and help of the Divine God.

The guide can be used, as a Reflection, Devotional and Retreat tool. It contains 5-R Principles (Renew the Mind, Recreate the Heart, Refresh the Body, Recharge the Sprit & Restore the Soul.) each of which can be used independently. Each R is represented by a hibiscus petal to symbolize; Creativity (blue), Purity (white), Beauty (Pink), light (Yellow), Wholeness (Purple) and Magnificence (Red) of a Reborn Life.

The Guide comes with a Journal that contains inspirational quotes on each page for use in penning down ones reflections.

Author- Rev. Dr. Joy Mbaabu. (JP)

(Founding Director -Amani Communities Africa, MD- PEC House & Founding Partner- JKMbaabu & Co-Advocates.)

Rev. Dr. Joy Mbaabu started out her career as a lawyer. Years later, she ventured into Peace Work and most recently into Pastoral Ministry. She has successfully merged these careers seamlessly into one hence the title Woman Reborn, which demonstrates a growth through, self- discovery to self- actualization. Having experienced her own rebirth she has endeavored to empower other women to begin their own journey too.

During the Launch, JP will share about her journey to ‘Rebirth’ and what inspired her to write the book Woman Reborn.

Guest Speaker- Joy Mutethia (JT)

(MD-PEC Nature Camp, Operations Consultant & Team Builder)

Joy Mutethia, a young Entrepreneur and daughter in -love of the author started off her ‘Rebirth’ journey at the first Kabusha Women’s Peace Retreat in 2018. She has since incorporated transformative and healing processes such as Transformational Breathing and Radical Aliveness to her daily life. She is one of the key organizers of the Kabusha Women’s Peace Retreats

During the Launch, she will share about how the nuggets proposed in the book guided her into taking on her journey of ‘Rebirth’.

Host- Joy Muthoni (JF)

(Programs Coordinator- Amani Communities Africa (ACA)

Joy Muthoni is a budding Lawyer who is passionate about persona transformation. She started her journey of ‘Rebirth’ after attending several programs offered at ACA, including: Mediation Certification & Healing Conversations. All ACA Programs are premised on values that spur one to look inwards to derive personal power and inspiration. This creates positive energy and improves understanding and empathy in influencing the world for better.

JF will lead the ACA team in hosting and moderating the Book Launch Event.

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Jul 15 2020


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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