Healing Conversations

A journey from woundedness to scars of light and wisdom

This is a 10step conversational journey in which a small group of women of all ages come together in a curated space and conduct intimate conversations around their life journey; the significant events that have shaped them, and the wounds and traumas they have encountered along the way. They engage in groups and personal reflection sessions, silence, journaling, singing and dancing, all which end up in personal commitments to improved self-care. Some of the topics for reflection and action include personal identity, forgiveness, self-care, holding space etc. The concept and process of HCfW is originated by Dr Joy Mbaabu and Ms. Njeri Ndiangui Kimanthi, which is now in book form titled like the process theme Turning Your Wounds into Scars of Light and Wisdom.

Following the request by our CoP president, Amina Dikedi-Ajakaiye, Dr. Joy Mbaabu and myself- Njeri Kimanthi would like to share with you about our program ‘Healing Conversations’. Healing Conversations (HC), which is basically focused on helping women turn their pain, brokenness and woundedness into scars of light, purpose and wisdom, was highly inspired by our involvement in the peace-building work and in particular the Creators of Peace program. Dr. Joy and I met for the very first time in 2009 in Peace Circles and we have both facilitated-together and individually- many Creators of Peace Circles in Kenya and beyond. And so, what is Healing Conversations and what is its USP (Unique Selling Preposition)? Well, as the name suggests, Healing Conversations is really about having deep conversations- that are therapeutic and healing in nature- in a curated and safe space.

In a world that people are way so broken, disappointed, hopeless, frustrates, wounded and going through insurmountable pain, HC creates a space for women to find, enhance and reclaim the priceless gifts of inner joy, happiness, freedom and inspiration that comes from deep within us. We recognize that healing is an inside job...and so is the elusive happiness that we are so busy looking for it from external things. Through compassionate listening, personal journaling, redefining our identities, gratitude, selfcare habits, learning together, sharing our life journeys and long moments of silence, profound and life changing shifts have happened. Limiting beliefs, old and worn out pity-party stories and painful memories locked up safely inside have been let go.
Personal power has been unleashed and hopeful futures created. Self and other-forgiveness has given room to new depths of love towards self and others.

During HC, every soul is given an opportunity to be seen, heard and understood in the spirit of sisterhood. With authenticity and vulnerability, we face our deepest pain and brokenness. We acknowledge our humanness. We accept our struggles. We sit in silence and we listen to ourselves and to each other without judgment and without trying to find or give solutions to each other. We look at our past, our present and write our aspirations for the future we want. We cry with each other. We enjoy hearty laughter. We hug. No shame. No fear. Masks are removed. We make a choice to pursue healing & wellbeing. We begin a journey of inner freedom and liberation. We begin our journey as Healing Healers. It is powerful. It is amazing. It is breathtaking. It is simply magical.

We hosted the first Cohort of Healing Conversations in April 2019, and up until now, we have hosted 6 cohorts. Just like in CoP, we prefer small groups of 8-15 participants. The ideal period is four days but we are flexible and have done different versions of 3 days and 2 days. And we are still exploring other ways and means of doing. The program, just like in CoP in many countries, doesn’t have any funders. We depend on the participants to pay to participate. We can assure you that it is not an easy model since many people in Kenya, and I would guess in many other African countries, haven’t gotten to a level where they appreciate investing in their mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. But we are holding on to this God-inspired ministry to the market place and trusting God to open doors of financial sustainability. We look forward to spreading HC to the rest of Africa and beyond through partnerships and sponsorships.


  • “I feel light. The program is not too academic. It is light but intense and extremely personal. It is really about confronting self for self. I have gained a new heart of looking at myself and at other people. You don’t know their journey or where they are coming from. It has been an honour to listen to my sister’s journeys.”
  • “I lived a fallacy all my life that had ruined my life. But I am determined to pick up pieces and move on with my head held high. My way of looking at life is new.”
  • “This process is powerful. The program has equipped me 3 with inner skills for healing that I doubt any other institution offers. This program should be done for men, in fact for everyone.”
  • “I thought that I was coming to be trained to train others. I didn’t know that I was to be trained to train myself. I am going home as a healing healer.”
  • “My chains have fallen off and my heart is set free. I realize I have been enjoying victimhood. I am leaving here power-full and free. I was caged. I leave free and ready to do what God wants me to do. Thank you for the opportunity.”