ACA is an international organization of a group of lawyers with a quest for peace, justice and equity in society. We exist to popularize a paradigm
shift from litigation and violence to
constructive and cooperative methods
of conflict transformation.

To our credit are several areas of competitive advantage that single us out in the peace building industry. These include our unique approach to peace building, in which we integrate the crosscutting issues of gender, nonviolence and human rights. Additionally, we possess the unique ability to link grassroots peace activism with global peace movements, which is synergistic indeed.
We also ensure sustainability of our interventions through formation of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) by our alumni. We provide them with technical support and leadership training to increase their chances of becoming self propelled and self sustained vehicles for sustainable.development.

Who We Are

Amani Community Africa

Our Mission

Empowering a people to practice peace.

Our Vision

Peace in Africa

Making Lives Better

Since 2001

Our Strategies

~ To build capacities of communities in positive conflict resolution mechanisms including dialogue, mediation and nonviolence.

~ To enhance access to justice through human rights education and strengthening of community governance and justice systems.

~ To increase capacities of communities to effectively participate in good governance and democratization processes.

October 9, 2020


We celebrated labor day by sending out a peace message.
December 12, 2019

January 2020

In the month of January, we held a board meeting and attended the drafting of the WPS 2nd KNAP Resolution 1325 on Women Peace and Security […]
December 12, 2019

February 2020

Held training of trainers Held a mediation course Did a wellness seminar
November 27, 2019

International Women’s Day

We celebrated International Women’s Day hosting a total of 14 participants under the theme Women Working Towards Wholeness


  • “I feel light. The program is not too academic. It is light but intense and extremely personal. It is really about confronting self for self. I have gained a new heart of looking at myself and at other people. You don’t know their journey or where they are coming from. It has been an honour to listen to my sister’s journeys.”
  • “I lived a fallacy all my life that had ruined my life. But I am determined to pick up pieces and move on with my head held high. My way of looking at life is new.”
  • “This process is powerful. The program has equipped me 3 with inner skills for healing that I doubt any other institution offers. This program should be done for men, in fact for everyone.”
  • “I thought that I was coming to be trained to train others. I didn’t know that I was to be trained to train myself. I am going home as a healing healer.”
  • “My chains have fallen off and my heart is set free. I realize I have been enjoying victimhood. I am leaving here power-full and free. I was caged. I leave free and ready to do what God wants me to do. Thank you for the opportunity.”
  • If someone could have told me I would smile again,I would have brushed it off and call it a big joke because life had robbed me reasons to smile,but thanks to Rev.Dr.Joy Precious Power Mbaabu for allowing GOD to use you in touching and transforming lives because I am a product whose life has been touched and transformed through Amani Communities Africa.(A.C.A). A.C.A has been a haven for broken souls and hearts...When I reflect how I came while broken and scarred by life and through A.C.A I got a chance to be me, never allowing pain or my past define me. I am humbled. Through the trainings my life has been re-birthed, strength renewed and dignity restored through love and understanding. I have learnt that I am special and no matter the cares of the world I should be like the birds that daily wake up with new songs each morning. Thanks for helping me bounce back by allowing me to be part of Amani Communities Africa.
    General Testimonial - Sweet June Favour
  • Kabusha Women's Retreat at PNC truly was a wonderful experience unmatched by any other. It is a retreat that does not impose too many spiritual/technical procedures when letting you find your individuality rather it lets you be you in a green space endorsed by serenity. 
    Kabusha Testimonials - Joan Rwamba
  • In my 15+ years of ministry, ACA's course on Mediation and Conflict Transformation came out ranking #1. Highly relevant material delivered in an excellent, practical, and accurate manner. It leads peace practitioners from the most fundamental building blocks of understanding conflict and through all the essential processes weaves into a clear picture of conflict resolution mechanism in any environment (professional, social, domestic, political and personal) I liked the inclusion of case studies to illustrate the content as well as roles plays. I enjoyed the interactive, fun, lively sessions between the Trainers and the participants. The course was worthwhile, full of useful theoretical and practical advice, delivered by very knowledgeable and engaging trainers.
    Mediation Testimonials - Ps. Jumba Nixon
  • At the end we called the Healing Conversations the Circle of Healing. The power of empathetic listening was demonstrated so effectively. Eleven women, sitting in a circle, listening to each other, with deep compassion, wrought understanding and this bore healing. It was bot a pity-party. It was a demonstration of how powerful quiet, empathetic listening has power to heal self and others. Transformations were dramatic. Postures reconfigured. Forgiveness of self, and others, abounded. We came burdened but left unyoked and set free. Enjoy your new freedom, dear sister, and mindfully avoid falling into the trap of the sadness that unresolved bitterness yields.
    Healing Conversations
  • I believe people need inspiration of some sort, my experience at the healing conversation cohort 2 has opened a window to my life and enabled me to see myself in a completely new perspective. I feel more empowered to make the best of who I am and stop acting a victim of circumstance, I have realised that I have all that it takes to take the control of my life back to my hands and let go past pains through this circle I have learnt new tools to enable me do so. I feel loved and have found new sisters with a tender touch.
    Healing Conversations - Christine Khavetsa


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