We are a Non- Profit dedicated to impacting our world for PEACE through programs
that focus on building intra and inter personal relationships.
Who We Are
Our Mission

Empowering a people to practice peace.

Our Vision

Peace in Africa

Peace Inside Out

Since 2001

Our Objectives
  • To build capacities of individuals and communities to attain a culture of peace and wellness.
  • To equip individuals and leaders to pursue cohesive, peaceful and sustainable communities
  • To empower individuals and groups to reflectively and mindfully participate in advocacy and leadership for positive social change.

News & Updates


  • If someone could have told me I would smile again,I would have brushed it off and call it a big joke because life had robbed me reasons to smile,but thanks to Rev.Dr.Joy Precious Power Mbaabu for allowing GOD to use you in touching and transforming lives because I am a product whose life has been touched and transformed through Amani Communities Africa.(A.C.A). A.C.A has been a haven for broken souls and hearts...When I reflect how I came while broken and scarred by life and through A.C.A I got a chance to be me, never allowing pain or my past define me. I am humbled. Through the trainings my life has been re-birthed, strength renewed and dignity restored through love and understanding. I have learnt that I am special and no matter the cares of the world I should be like the birds that daily wake up with new songs each morning. Thanks for helping me bounce back by allowing me to be part of Amani Communities Africa.
    General Testimonial - Sweet June Favour

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We have great events in store for everyone. There are different activities that are being done so that the goal of the organization could be achieved. There are the conduct of team building for groups so they could interact and know each other even if they come in a different community.