Kabusha Peace Retreats

Kabusha is Zulu for rebirth. God wants us to experience life at a deep level, where there is peace, joy, sacred wisdom and a sense of connection with everything good. We often loose this gift because of being absorbed in busy, mindless lives, without time for reflection and refocus to what is best and vital for us. We have created a retreat format as a creative way to take a journey of self- discovery and reconnection with oneself. We organize guided retreats for women, teens, men and couples as follows: -

1. Kabusha Women Peace Retreat (KWPR)
A woman Reborn

Every May, we organize an annual international peace retreat for women under the theme “5R Woman Reborn”, with the theme colors as red and green. We cover 5 areas of rebirth (holistic connections) namely: Renew your mind, Refresh your body, Recreate your heart, Recharge your spirit and Restore your soul. In between the conversations and prolonged personal quiet/silent time, the retreatants can choose and undertake a personal “self-care” menu that includes sessions on transformational breathing, massage, reflexology, mindful living, inner peace and wellness stretches. Each home takes home personal commitments to maintain the “reborn” routines and habits that lead to a better and more fulfilled life.

2. Kabusha Teens Retreat (KTR)
Get Woke

In this age when teens are faced with myriad threats from pornography to trauma, KTR provides teens with strong social emotional skills and competencies to help them maintain positive relationships and be physically and mentally healthy. Emotional and social intelligence, over and above academic excellence, is what will help teens navigate and overcome life’s challenges and land safely into their adult lives. The KTR is based on the theme “Get Woke” and mustard and brown colours. Besides the 10 candid conversations, the teens engage in adventure activities to build their resilience, eliminate paranoia, and have fun.

3. Kabusha Couples Retreat (KCR)
Dynamic Duos

KCR is tailored to provide couples with an opportunity to strengthen, spice up, refresh and even rekindle and redefine their marriage. KCR is based on the theme “dynamic Duos,” to emphasis the power and potential in couples as the greatest teams on earth. The theme colors are pink and blue, with candid conversations based on the ABCs for dynamic duos. The retreat package includes romantic dinners, bonfires, team exercises and take-home firm commitments.

4. Kabusha Men’s Retreat (KMR)
Redefining Masculinities

Our KMR is the super way we bring men together for rest and renewal from too busy lives that leave them barely any time for reflection alone or with fellow men. KMR theme is “redefining masculinities”, based on the need to reshape and reimagine the stereotypical negative and destructive portrayal of men. Men need opportunity to rethink, and if need be, shed off some of these stereotypes so that they can travel light and free and enjoy life to the full. The theme colors for KMR are blue and yellow, with and the candid conversations are based the XYZs of a redefined man. Side activities include a self-care menu in transformational breathing, reflexology, mindful living, adventure and wellness stretches. The retreat ends with take home commitments.


  • Kabusha Women's Retreat at PNC truly was a wonderful experience unmatched by any other. It is a retreat that does not impose too many spiritual/technical procedures when letting you find your individuality rather it lets you be you in a green space endorsed by serenity. 
    Kabusha Testimonials - Joan Rwamba
  • At the end we called the Healing Conversations the Circle of Healing. The power of empathetic listening was demonstrated so effectively. Eleven women, sitting in a circle, listening to each other, with deep compassion, wrought understanding and this bore healing. It was bot a pity-party. It was a demonstration of how powerful quiet, empathetic listening has power to heal self and others. Transformations were dramatic. Postures reconfigured. Forgiveness of self, and others, abounded. We came burdened but left unyoked and set free. Enjoy your new freedom, dear sister, and mindfully avoid falling into the trap of the sadness that unresolved bitterness yields.
    Healing Conversations
  • I believe people need inspiration of some sort, my experience at the healing conversation cohort 2 has opened a window to my life and enabled me to see myself in a completely new perspective. I feel more empowered to make the best of who I am and stop acting a victim of circumstance, I have realised that I have all that it takes to take the control of my life back to my hands and let go past pains through this circle I have learnt new tools to enable me do so. I feel loved and have found new sisters with a tender touch.
    Healing Conversations - Christine Khavetsa