Mediation And Conflict Transformation Centre

Moving ahead amicably

We believe that conflict provides opportunity to redefine and improve relationships. Mediation is a tested and respected process that helps parties in conflict to find an amicable solution in a constructive, efficient, friendly and cost-effective manner, without having to litigate, fight or destroy valuable relationships.
Mediation is a growing profession globally, with expanding opportunities for lawyers, human resource experts, counselors, public administrators etc. They can either pursue it as a distinct profession or integrate in their existing careers. Many others simply become mediators to add to their life skills.
We run a premier mediation Centre where we offer the following services:

1. 40 Hour accredited Mediation and Conflict Transformation Course

Our 40-hour course meets the internationally accepted foundational standard for beginning a career as a professional mediator. Since 2001, we have trained and certified hundreds of professional and community mediators. These include lawyers, judges, senior government officials, human resource personnel, pastors, community leaders and many others who have dispute resolution responsibilities. We have developed our own curriculum (which we have since turned into a book- The Magic of Mediation). We offer this course at our centre three times a year (February, June and September). We also provide the course in-house to organizations, companies and groups.

2. Advanced Mediation Courses

For those wishing to advance their mediation career or specialize in certain areas, we provide three-day courses to meet this need. The areas of specialization include:- family, family business, business, workplace, multiparty mediation etc.

3. Refresher Courses

We encourage practicing mediators to refresh and hone their skills on a regular basis. We provide one to three-day refresher courses where we refresh and deepen skills such as communication, reframing, asking questions, handling emotions or stalemates etc.

4. Mediation Services

Our pools of mediators are at hand to provide mediation services to resolve interpersonal, intergroup, workplace, and most other types of mediatable conflicts.


  • In my 15+ years of ministry, ACA's course on Mediation and Conflict Transformation came out ranking #1. Highly relevant material delivered in an excellent, practical, and accurate manner. It leads peace practitioners from the most fundamental building blocks of understanding conflict and through all the essential processes weaves into a clear picture of conflict resolution mechanism in any environment (professional, social, domestic, political and personal) I liked the inclusion of case studies to illustrate the content as well as roles plays. I enjoyed the interactive, fun, lively sessions between the Trainers and the participants. The course was worthwhile, full of useful theoretical and practical advice, delivered by very knowledgeable and engaging trainers.
    Mediation Testimonials - Ps. Jumba Nixon