What to expect?

Youth Engagement

Women's Engagement

High-Profile Keynotes

Interactive Panel Discussions

In-depth regional and Sectoral Cafes

Storytelling and Knowledge Exchange

Quality Networking Opportunities

Policy Dialogue and Advocacy

Call to Action Communique

Multi-Sector Exhibitions

An African Cultural Extravaganza

● Post-Conference Tours and Field Visits in Nairobi City

Who should attend?

The summit aims to unite delegates from local communities across Africa, joined by other stakeholders including:

  1. Environmentalists

  2. Peace practitioners

  3. Educational institutions

  4. Interfaith groups

  5. Youth

  6. Women

  7. Persons with disabilities

  8. Creative arts

  9. Business leaders

  10. Academia

  11. Media

  12. Government representatives

  13. International agencies.